Collaboration ZOOBEETLE Paris x PETITJEAN Paris

Lavalline - Les Parisiennes - dark blue. Limited edition

A fine accessory, elegant with multiple functions, that tempt you? The ZOOBEETLE Paris X PetitjeanParis lavalline is a mini lavallière that can be worn in a belt, tie, headband, knotted to your handbag or a bun tower.

About PETITJEAN Paris:

Petitjean Paris is a young Parisian brand founded by léa Petitjean, who combines poetic and high-fashion design. From the material, the finishings, to the bright color palettes, each of her pieves is an echo to a place to travel.


Silk Lavalline:

100% twill silk: for its ribbed weave that hangs the light Dimensions: 95cm x 5 cm : A length, full of uses French tailoring: the « Lyonnaise » tradition of silk is more than 600 years old!

Product code : AZB-LPJ-01


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